A Tiny Cut in the Military Budget That Probably Won’t Happen Is Causing Panic in Washington

Source: Jacobin
by Branko Marcetic

“The sky is falling in Washington as the nation looks poised to plunge into an unspeakable crisis. Sure, millions of kids around the country are still living in poverty, homelessness is on the rise, and the United States remains unique in the world for having medical bills be the number-one cause of bankruptcy. But none of this is what’s currently causing dismay in the nation’s capital. No, instead, the United States’[s] cartoonishly gigantic military budget might get a modest cut. Emphasis on might, because it’s not clear this is actually going to happen. … But to a certain extent this doesn’t matter, because the apoplectic response from the political and media establishment toward so much as the prospect of military spending being cut by $75 billion has been revealing in itself.” (01/11/23)