Democrats’ open-border [sic] policy: Adeal with the devilish drug cartels

Source: New York Post
by Betsy McCaughey

“The Mexican drug cartels are killing off our friends and family members with fentanyl manufactured in superlabs south of the border and smuggled into the United States. President Joe Biden couldn’t care less. Biden is in Mexico, claiming he’s seeking the Mexican government’s help to stop the carnage. Truth is, the trip is a dog and pony show. Photo ops, empty promises and such will be followed by rapid backsliding. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (aka AMLO) lacks both the will and the muscle to tackle the cartels, which have paramilitary forces that outgun the Mexican police and control swaths of territory. Biden, for his part, has no intention of securing the southern border — the only measure that actually would stop the flow of killer drugs into our towns and schools.” (01/10/23)