Earth’s protective layer of trust and unity

Source: Christian Science Monitor
by staff

“Amid repeated studies showing that humanity is falling short of its targets to reduce global warming emissions, the United Nations issued some good news this week. The ozone, a thin layer of the upper atmosphere that shields Earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation, is healing. That offers timely confirmation that nations can successfully unite to address environmental problems caused by human activity and potentially reverse the course of climate change. The conclusion was published in the agency’s latest four-year assessment of compliance with a 1987 international treaty banning an array of chemical substances that were damaging the protective layer. The success of the Montreal Protocol charts a pathway in human thinking from alarm to cooperation to innovation in response to a common threat. It is ‘an encouraging example of what the world can achieve when we work together,’ U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres tweeted.” (01/11/23)