The Risks of the Biden Escalation

Source: The American Prospect
by Lee Harris

“The Prospect has long been a magazine of the labor left. Our editors covered supply chains, trade agreements, and declining union density before they were in vogue, and published early warnings about the disastrous consequences of deindustrialization, low investment, and offshoring. The past three years’ shocks to production have reshuffled the position of American workers in global affairs, setting off a period of economic retrenchment. The foreign-policy establishment has hardly begun to digest the depth of this shake-up. Changes to U.S. geopolitical strategy will shift the balance of power between labor and capital, at home and abroad. Particularly worthy of scrutiny is a false choice being set up between neoliberal globalization and a new protectionism that has become fashionable on parts of the left and right.” (01/11/23)