How to Solve the Lobstermen vs Whalers Problem: Water Capitalism

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Walter Block

“The lobstermen and the whalers are at each other’s throats in Maine. The former need to use strong ropes to pull up their lobster traps from the ocean floor. The latter claim that this gear they use enmeshes their bread and butter, that is, whales, who are needlessly killed in this manner. It would be difficult to name other industries, or commercial interests that contended against one another in any such manner. Yes, those producing peas and those producing carrots compete against each other, as do bicycles and fish, shoes and socks. But none of them are suing the others over infringement of their territory. … The law, at present, does not allow anyone to own any aspect of the ocean. That is precisely the problem, and the explanation for the present imbroglio.” (01/10/23)