On MSNBC and “Authoritarianism”

Source: TK News
by Matt Taibbi

“MSNBC opinion columnist Zeesham Aleem just penned the latest in what’s become a parade of hit pieces from mainstream outlets directed at me and other independent journalists. Even by the low standards of the genre, ‘How the populist left has become vulnerable to the populist right’ is a humorous standout. It argues that after I spent a month detailing how the FBI, DHS, DOD, CIA and other agencies built a system for mass delivery of censorship requests to firms like Twitter and Facebook, I helped fuel a subculture that ‘could funnel people from leftism to authoritarianism.’ … The right word to describe this brand of gall escapes me. The nerve? The bottle? The damned cheek? Both MSNBC and similarly foundering competitor CNN … have been open for years now in their desire to serve as final revolving door destinations for the shadiest conceivable military and security officials.” (01/09/23)