Biden is turning January 6 into a national anti-Republican holiday

by James Bovard

“In 1605, Catholic extremists were caught placing kegs of gunpowder beneath the room where the House of Lords and King James would soon meet. The conspirators were caught before they could destroy England’s rulers. For more than 400 years, British citizens have celebrated Guy Fawkes Day with bonfires to mark the anniversary. Guy Fawkes commemorations result in ‘Hatred of All Things Catholic,’ says. Biden and fellow Democrats are crafting a J6 narrative that could end in ‘Hatred of All Things Republican.’ But to achieve that end, the feds need far more scalps. Not satisfied with rhetorically burning Donald Trump in effigy, the Biden administration is sending federal agents to ravage the lives of as many J6 protesters as possible. Some experts predict a deluge of new prosecutions in the coming months.” (01/06/23)