It’s Time to End the “Special Relationship” With Israel

Source: Foreign Policy
by Stephen M Walt

“Once upon a time, a special relationship between the United States and Israel might have been justified on moral grounds. The creation of a Jewish state was seen as an appropriate response to centuries of violent antisemitism in the Christian West, including but hardly limited to the Holocaust. The moral case was compelling, however, only if one ignored the consequences for Arabs who had lived in Palestine for many centuries and if one believed Israel to be a country that shared basic U.S. values. … Today, however, decades of brutal Israeli control have demolished the moral case for unconditional U.S. support. … In the past, it was also possible to argue Israel was a valuable strategic asset for the United States, though its value was often overstated. … The Cold War has been over for 30 years, however, and unconditional support for Israel today creates more problems for Washington than it solves.” (05/27/21)