Trump’s Supporters Are Getting the Lab Leak Story Backward

Source: The Atlantic
by David Frum

“Suppose it’s true. Suppose the coronavirus spread throughout the world from a Chinese lab. What then? A ferocious early promoter of the idea that the coronavirus was a Chinese attack was the Trump White House’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon. Bannon hoped to transfer responsibility for Donald Trump’s failures onto China’s rulers. … After months of belittling the virus, then-President Trump himself briefly endorsed the Bannon line. … Trump’s early attempt at blame-shifting collapsed, however, because it contradicted a deeper and bigger message from the president and those around him: that the virus was no big deal, nothing to worry about, no reason to close the economy. … So the coronavirus is a sinister ‘Chicom’ bioweapon — that is also almost completely harmless, and nothing for the stock market to worry about? Even by the roller-coaster standards of Trumpworld, that was a headsnappingly confusing propaganda line.” (05/27/21)