Happy Thanksgiving from the Freedom Movement’s Daily Newspaper!

Hey, everyone …

Rational Review News Digest / Freedom News Daily has a … complicated … relationship with the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. We publish every non-holiday weekday. Does that include the Friday after the US Thanksgiving holiday? I’ve never really figured that out, and what usually happens is that there are one or more short “holiday weekend special” editions including, sometimes (like today) one on the holiday itself.

Today’s edition is just ten items (three news stories, five opinion pieces, and two audio/video links). I figure it serves four purposes.

One is to help ensure that we don’t have more content than we CAN show you come next Monday.

The second is to give you something to read after that big dinner when you’re tired of arguing with your crazy uncle.

The third is to remind you, our readers, that we’re thankful for your attention and want to continue bringing you material you like.

And the fourth, of course, is to remind you that we’re a reader-supported publication, that you’re our readers, and that we hope you’ll support us at:


Yesterday was a “zero-dollar day” in our year-end fundraiser. We’ve raised $2,046, leaving us $529 short of our $5,150 goal. That’s not a math error — supporter GL has pledged “matching funds” of up to half the goal, so we only have to hit $2,575 to reach $5,150.

Once we hit our goal, I get to mostly stop yapping about money until next October. For which I, and likely you, will be as thankful as you hopefully are for the newsletter itself. So please help us get there by Monday at:


Have a great holiday weekend!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
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