Cities Switch From Requiring Too Many Parking Spaces To Banning Too Many Parking Spaces

Source: Reason
by Christian Britschgi

“This past week, Nashville’s Metro Council approved a new ordinance that eliminates minimum parking requirements in the city’s ‘urban zoning overlay’ district. From now on, developers in those urban zones won’t have to build parking spaces no one wants. That doesn’t mean Nashville builders are free to decide how much parking to construct, however. The city’s new ordinance leaves the old parking standards in place but says from now on they’ll be interpreted as parking maximums that cap the number of spaces developers are allowed to build. This is part of a trend. Across the country, jurisdictions are waking up to the high costs of mandated parking. But the reforms they enact often pair an elimination of costly parking minimums with counterproductive parking maximums.” (11/22/22)