Biden’s lunatic bid to pay “poor nations” for “climate reparations”

Source: New York Post
by staff

“In a pathetic bid to ‘show results’ from the latest global climate-change confab, the Biden administration followed Western Europe’s hysterical lead by signing on to a lunatic ‘climate reparations’ scheme. It’s beyond outrageous. It won’t even bring any progress in reducing global carbon emissions, the supposed goal of the COP-27 meetings. If it works as promised, it’s just another wealth transfer from wealthy nations to the (largely corrupt) governing class of poor countries. The just-ended climate talks in Egypt brought few if any new commitments to reduce emissions …. instead, the ‘we need some progress’ crew opted for vows from wealthier countries, supposedly the biggest climate-change offenders, to fork over funds to poorer ones claiming to have suffered ‘losses and damage’ from climate-triggered natural disasters.” (11/22/22)