Elon Musk Does the Unforgivable

Source: Epoch Times
by Roger Kimball

“Would Elon Musk be allowed on Twitter today if he didn’t also happen to own the company? No. There have been plenty of complaints ever since Musk announced his bid for the company last spring. Right from the get-go, there was profound anxiety that Musk would circumvent Twitter’s habit of censoring opinions that ran counter to the regime narrative. The Babylon Bee captured the uneasiness with a story titled ‘Twitter Workers Worried Elon Musk Will Turn Their Free Speech Platform Into Platform That Allows Free Speech.’ … Once Musk actually took over in October, the anxiety ratcheted up to panic as Twitter workers confronted Musk’s awful demand that they actually, you know, work. Musk hadn’t owned the company for a full day before he disburdened himself of the CEO, the chief financial officer, and the chief legal officer.” (11/22/22)