NATO: It is Never Ukraine’s Fault

Source: The American Conservative
by Bradley Devlin

“[D]espite the fact that a wayward Ukrainian missile had killed two citizens within the borders of one of Ukraine’s most vocal supporters, NATO and even Poland gave no indication of reconsidering their apparently unlimited support for the Ukrainian cause. NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg bent over backwards to excuse the incident. ‘Let me be clear: This is not Ukraine’s fault,’ he claimed. ‘Russia bears ultimate responsibility as it continues its illegal war against Ukraine.’ … The latest effort to run cover for the Ukrainians by the West has sent a powerful message to its beneficiary: not only is there nothing Zelensky and Ukraine could say to make the West reconsider its support for Ukraine, there is nothing Ukraine could do to lose its support, absent deciding to pursue a diplomatic solution to the conflict on their own accord.” (11/22/22)