Steve Kubby, 1946-2022


“I hear from several sources (including his son, Sky Sierran Kubby, on Facebook) that Steve Kubby has died at the age of 75, ‘surrounded by his family.’ I’ve not seen any mainstream news stories, so I’m just passing on the sad news myself. His family and friends have my deepest sympathy for their loss. Steve was a great man, a great libertarian, and a great friend. His work on California”s Proposition 215 counts, in my opinion, as the starting point down the road we’ve since followed to legal medical and recreational marijuana across much of the US. Marijuana, as he told everyone who would listen, saved his life; his efforts to end the war on it, and his explorations of its medical potential, have since saved thousands of lives, thousands of years people might otherwise have spent in prison or in chronic pain, etc.” (11/21/22)