Palestine: Israeli woman attacked by Secret Service agent ahead of Biden visit sues

Source: New York Post

“The Israeli woman allegedly assaulted in July by an off-duty Secret Service agent — who was in Jerusalem to prep for President Biden’s visit — filed a civil lawsuit Monday. Tamar Ben Haim brought the case in DC federal court against the unidentified agent over the July 12 attack, which took place in an alleyway while she was walking home around 1 a.m. The 30-year-old graphic designer says the man — who she saw had a gun — ‘began hitting and slapping me’ and she thought ‘that these were my last moments on Earth.’ The man ‘held Tamar tightly, hit her on her chest, repeatedly, slapped her, causing her earring and earphone to fall to the ground,” the court papers claim. Ben Haim screamed for help but no one came until a man accompanying her assailant pulled him off her before leaving the scene, the filing claims.” (11/21/22)