Analyzing the Strange Coincidences in Maricopa County

Source: Town Hall
by Rachel Alexander

“The Democrats, MSM and RINOs are complaining about voters’ concerns over election fraud, saying ‘we need to move on,’ ‘quit living in the past,’ and ‘no one cares about it as an issue, you’re hurting the Republican Party to continue focusing on it.’ There may be a grain of truth in all of that, but it’s outweighed by the fact that we may never get another Republican president into office and more states will turn blue if we don’t stop the fraud. No one really believes deep down that Arizona rejected four top Republican candidates (three who were leading in almost every poll, including MSM polls) considering the breakdown of voter registration in the state.” [editor’s note: Actually, nearly everybody believes that when you run shitty candidates, you lose races to candidates who aren’t quite as shitty – TLK] (11/21/22)