The Worst-Case Scenarios of the Republican House

Source: The American Prospect
by David Dayen

“The Republican House of Representatives appears to have all the makings of becoming the worst-run government entity in American, or maybe world, history. At most, Republicans will have a four-vote advantage in the House. And the willingness of the Freedom Caucus to reject anything not contoured to their far-right beliefs will make it impossible to find a working majority for much of anything. Post office namings could be tied up for weeks; there’s no telling with this fragile majority. There aren’t even 218 votes at this moment for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker. The House GOP’s main output will take the form of twenty-kajillion investigations of the president’s son and sundry federal agencies. But Republicans do understand how to use their leverage, even if they can’t always get their fractious caucus to agree on the outcomes.” (11/21/22)