America’s Soviet Election System

Source: The American Conservative
by Katya Sedgwick

“In the USSR, ‘elections’ were play-acted to cover up autocracy. Alexei Yurchak explained in Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More how, in the 1970s and ’80s, the language of Soviet propaganda was designed to give the impression of stability, and the population was enlisted to reproduce slogans written by the Kremlin. Likewise, the results of Soviet ‘elections’ were predetermined, but everyone was mired in the lie of participation, to help create the illusion of an indestructible regime. America today has a mirror problem. A sense of suspense around the key races is the norm — pundits generate attention-grabbing headlines, polls are interpreted every which way, and bets are placed on At the same time, the process itself is becoming increasingly opaque.” (11/21/22)