War in the Ukraine is Not a Fight Between Good and Evil; Just Bad vs. Bad

Source: CounterPunch
by David van Deusen

“Russia, the larger nation, is acting as the aggressor in the Ukraine. The invasion was motivated by a desire for empire and is imperialist in nature. But all fights are not created equal, fairytales are not all true, and all underdogs are not worthy of armed support. The Ukrainian state, like Russia, is rightwing. But unlike any other country in the world (at least since the fall of Franco’s dictatorship in Spain), Ukraine has organized Nazi and fascist groupings overtly incorporated into its Armed Forces. One of these is the Azov Battalion, who have massive (and growing) influence within the Zelenskyy regime. … These are the facts and they must be looked at with somber senses if we are to make an informed decision as to what is to be done next.” (11/21/22)