NY: Gang members mistakenly shoot member of mutually affiliated gang

Source: NBC Newes

“An off-duty sheriff’s deputy from Vermont was shot multiple times by police in New York after he was involved in a gunfight with another group of people early Sunday morning, police said. Shots were fired around 3 a.m. at the intersection of Broadway and Caroline Street in Saratoga Springs, New York, near an area with bars and nightlife, following a scuffle between the deputy and a group of people from the Utica area, police said. The deputy, who was not identified, was ‘physically attacked’ by at least three people, slammed into the hood of a car and knocked to the ground, Commissioner of Public Safety James Montagnino said during a news conference Sunday. … A number of Saratoga Springs officers were on duty around the corner on Caroline Street and heard the confrontation …. three officers discharged their weapons, firing a total of 11 shots, resulting in the deputy falling to the ground.” (11/21/22)