Natural Gas and American Left-Populism

Source: EconLog
by Pierre Lemieux

“The possible shortages — not metaphorical, but literal shortages — of natural gas and electricity this winter in New England are the product of our own politicos, their protectionism, price controls, dirigisme, and populism. … Despite being a former Harvard University professor, the person who is perhaps the best representative of left-wing populism in America and, from this viewpoint, a Trump twin, Elizabeth Warren added to the obfuscation. The Financial Times reports: ‘As Gulf terminals export record volumes of gas, Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic senator from Massachusetts, this year urged the administration of Joe Biden to curb LNG exports ‘to keep prices low for American consumers.’ In other words, since Americans are forbidden to import the services of foreign ships to transport goods between American ports, they should also be forbidden to export the LNG they produced.” (11/20/22)