Make Anarchism Great Again: A Call for a Stateless Form of Populism

Source: exile in happy valley
by Nicky Reid

“Something very stupid is happening in America. People have never been more disgusted with their bullshit form of government and yet they’ve never been more devoted to engaging in the partisan bullshit that defines it. It is a weird hot mess of bipolar enlightenment and social lunacy that quite frankly baffles me. … The state has clearly flunked every existential test of faith you can possibly conceive of, from Covid to climate change, but the same kids with a front row seat to these epic gorings just keep on lining up to ride that feral bull. This is precisely the kind of polluted ecosystem that should be ripe as rabies for another rise in anarchism, but no one can seem to relate to salvation. So, they lose themselves in the electoral market for saviors instead.” (11/20/22)