Who Will Carry the Classical Liberals?

Source: EconLog
by Veronique de Rugy

“Republicans today stand for nothing, and on the rare occasions that they do stand for something, that something is woeful. From protectionism to vile anti-immigration rhetoric, from government-engineered paid leave to the extended child tax credit, and from threatening to punish big tech and to impose industrial policy, with a contingent shouting ‘free-markets are actually bad,’ the party is in disarray intellectually — a fact that plausibly contributes to its current disarray politically. Some serious intellectuals on the right recognize this problem. … unless Republicans wake up and realize that this crusade against ‘market fundamentalism’ isn’t working for them — if only because it’s a sloppy, lazy and economically ignorant agenda — they will continue to be ridiculed and lose elections long after Trump has gone bye-bye.” (11/18/22)