Being Aware is First Step to Resisting US Militarization

Source: CounterPunch
by WT Whitney

“The military draft in the United States has disappeared. There’s no major U.S. war and military affairs rate little attention in the media. The U.S. public embraces the pervasive influence of the military-industrial complex across U.S. society. The U.S. Congress seems never to hold back on wildly exorbitant military spending. Travelers entering North Carolina on Interstate 95 almost immediately see a sign proclaiming ‘Nation’s most military friendly state’ — a sign paid for, in part, by the N.C. Bankers Association. In high schools, military recruiters ‘insinuate themselves into school life at every level.’ Loudspeakers at sports events sound out tributes to veterans and active-duty troops. The latter may receive free tickets to performances, preferential parking, and discounts on merchandise.” (11/18/22)