The uncoal: Decarbonizing as wise investment

Source: Christian Science Monitor
by staff

“The task of curbing climate change has taken significant shifts over the decades, from denial of the science to acceptance of the human causes; to pledges by countries to reduce carbon emissions; to an embrace of innovative, efficient solutions. The latest United Nations climate summit, held in Egypt, may mark another turning point — one from blame and victimization to cooperation and a shared responsibility. The global gathering opened last week under a pall of injustice. Poorer countries again sought money from wealthier countries to compensate for the disproportionate loss and damages from global warming. The issue remained unresolved. Yet a new model, known as ‘just energy transition plans,’ has now taken hold. Last week, South Africa signed an $8.5 billion agreement with the European Union and individual Western governments to start weaning the country off the use of coal.” (11/17/22)