Left [sic] Has a Lot to Celebrate After Surprising Midterm Results

Source: In These Times
by Branko Marcetic

“Even the most dispiriting election results in the last few years have had important bright spots for the Left, and this year’s deeply unusual midterm election result is no different. In a cycle that transformed overnight from predictions of a Democratic bloodbath to widespread Republican despair, the Left has achieved some major victories that shouldn’t be overlooked. The major top-line success for the Left this election is the addition of several new insurgent candidates who, like ​’the Squad’ of 2018, were backed by progressive outside groups – notably the Working Families Party (WFP) and Justice Democrats — with little or no support from established party networks. The total of such members now rises to twelve, after four such insurgent candidates sailed to victory in safe blue seats for which they won primaries earlier this year.” (11/18/22)