Florida is “the opposite” of the system

Source: Fox News
by Greg Gutfeld

“So as you know, people have been leaving the blue states in droves to come live here. Even AOC visited with her boyfriend, perhaps to air out his nasty feet. … And for the most part, lefty leaders are too stubborn to admit it’s their garbage policies that have sent people fleeing like Kat from the cops. Here’s New York Governor Kathy Hochul. … Well, we took her advice, and here we are. Let’s hope she didn’t follow us down here on her broomstick. But it seems a lot of people are taking her advice, just not about her eyebrows. It gives her that surprised look on her face… Or maybe she’s as shocked as we are that she won.” [editor’s note: Florida IS the system. It’s just the system working from Authoritarian Column R instead of Authoritarian Column D – TLK] (11/17/22)