January 6 Committee should do its whole job

Source: New York Post
by Betsy McCaughey

“The Jan. 6 Committee just revealed how nakedly political it is. Forget protecting the nation: It’s safeguarding the Democratic Party. After conducting hundreds of depositions and closed-door hearings, committee staff were notified last week that most of their findings — about domestic extremist groups and about law enforcement’s failure to protect the Capitol — will be excluded from the final report. All those investigations, paid for by taxpayers, are destined for the circular file. The report, due before the end of the year, will be about Trump and nothing but Trump. … Americans deserve a complete, factual report on how it happened and what can be done to prevent a recurrence.” [editor’s note: Let’s start with how many FBI and other undercover operatives were the lead dogs in provoking what violence there was? – SAT] (11/16/22)