Iran: Two children among seven murdered in attack on protesters

Source: Express [UK]

“A nine-year-old boy was one of seven people shot dead by gunmen in the western Iranian city of Izeh on Wednesday night. A 13-year-old was also killed. A family member of the boy, identified as Kian Pirfalak, accused Iranian security forces of carrying out the attack. Wednesday’s night of violence was some of the worst unrest since the protests began. Fifteen people died, including members of the security forces, The Telegraph reported. Authorities blamed the deaths on a ‘terrorist group’ that ‘took advantage of a gathering of protesters in front of the central market of the locality to open fire on people and security officers,’ according to a report by the official IRNA news agency. But a family member of the slain nine-year-old boy, accused Iranian security forces of carrying out the attack, in a tweet shared by Radio Farda, a US-funded Persian station based in Prague.” (11/17/22)