NY: Poughkeepsie man wakes shoots home intruder in the face

Source: WPDH News

“[T]he Poughkeepsie resident says he was fast asleep in his apartment when a man jolted him awake by pointing a gun at his face. He said the intruder explained that he wanted money and threatened him with the weapon. The awakened man said he was ‘scared to death’ and thought he was going to be shot, so he grabbed at the gun. A struggle began between the intruder and the resident when the gun suddenly went off, shooting the 39-year-old burglar in the face. … After hearing his story, police released the shooter from custody and no charges have been filed. Meanwhile, the 39-year-old who was injured after allegedly breaking into the apartment has disappeared. Police say he left Westchester Medical Center where he was being treated and his whereabouts are now unknown.” (11/17/22)