New Zealand’s International Travel Vaccination Certificate: A Ponzi Scheme?

Source: Brownstone Institute
by JR Bruning

“Do you know about New Zealand’s International Travel Vaccination Certificate? Me neither! It’s a little mysterious. I’m not sure if the government knows that much either. If officials do know about this so-called certificate, they’re not too keen to (transparently) share what they might know. I’m aware there is a certain kind of moral and legal jeopardy — imbued perhaps with a touch of tyranny, if the New Zealand government were to lock in a requirement for an International Travel Vaccination Certificate (ITVC). You see, the state has known for quite some time that the vaccine couldn’t prevent transmission of infection. Waves of reinfections are pounding the very New Zealanders who complied and were vaccinated, rather than lose their jobs. Rather than discuss early treatments which prevent the intensity and duration of infection, the government is now talking about a plan to restore quarantine.” (11/17/22)