They Got Took

Source: The Dispatch
by Kevin D Williamson

“Trump epigones such as Steve Bannon and his acolytes think of themselves as hard-headed, cynical, scheming Machiavellians — you’ve heard all the stuff about ’12-D chess’ and thinking five moves ahead — but they are, almost to a man, suckers. And, like suckers everywhere, they always get took. The Democrats rolled the dice in a big and bold way in the midterms, putting more than $40 million into the campaigns of the nuttiest nut-cutlets contesting the Republican primaries …. This was based on the theory that these howling moonbats would be easier to beat than would some boring, buttoned-down, golf-playing Republican type who might want to talk a lot about inflation rather than Jewish space lasers or the Venezuelan cyber-commandos who run our elections. It was cynical, undemocratic, and immoral — that is, everything you might expect from the mind of a Steve Bannon or a Rudy Giuliani. Except for the fact that the Democrats won.” (11/17/22)