Trumpian Carnage Goes on Full Display

Source: RealClearPolitics
by Froma Harrop

“A year ago, he was still a dreaded presence, a destroyer of American institutions forcing chaos on a frightened nation. After the public voted to remove him from the White House, he maintained relevance by controlling a violent mob stupid and criminal enough to trash the Capitol, threaten to hang the vice president and kill police officers. Donald Trump had taken America on one of those dark amusement park rides, but like them, the thrill loses its punch through repetition. On the first go-through, scary ghosts and demons jump out at you. By the third time, however, the screeches are anticipated. You start noticing the peeling paint and hear the creaking machinery. … Clearly, revenge for losing the 2020 election still burns within, but the blowtorch is running low.” (11/17/22)