There’s No Happy Ending for the GOP and Donald Trump

Source: The New Republic
by Robert Schlesinger

“This is a familiar crossroads for the GOP: Is it time to break with the party’s standard-bearer? Once again, they have arrived back at this fork in the road based on some understandable instincts: Trump is palpably toxic; he is also extremely addictive. But there’s a critical question that the non-Trump GOP hasn’t been able to answer — or hasn’t had the courage to ask — since he started winning presidential primaries back in 2016: What’s the endgame? What’s the path to a viable but Trump-free GOP? Spoiler alert: It doesn’t exist. … if there’s one constant, it’s the lack of a good scenario for the GOP. Win, lose, or draw, the party is going to need a substantial amount of time to unwind itself from the Faustian bargain it made in 2015 — and there’s every reason to suspect that this is a concern it’ll endeavor to avoid rather than confront.” (11/16/22)