Do the Western media want World War 3?

Source: spiked
by Tim Black

“There’s truth to the old adage about ‘the fog of war.’ It really is difficult to grasp what is happening in the midst of a conflict. … But scepticism, doubt, let alone a commitment to reporting the facts, seemed to be in short supply among Western press packers last night. Within minutes of the reports emerging that a missile had landed near the Polish village of Przewodow — about four miles west from the Ukrainian border — an unnamed ‘senior US intelligence official’ was claiming that ‘Russian missiles [have] crossed into NATO member Poland.’ Surely, someone should have interrogated this claim. Who was this official? How did he or she know so much so quickly? But, no, almost immediately, many Western media outlets, with social media close behind, ran with this version of events.” (11/16/22)