Are Mitch McConnell’s Days Numbered?

Source: Washington Times
by Kelly Sadler

“An alternative to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s RINO dominance has finally emerged. On Tuesday, Florida Senator Rick Scott officially threw his hat in the ring to challenge Mr. McConnell for the GOP’s top leadership position. Mr. McConnell’s opposition is well-earned and deserved. Mr. McConnell prefers a conference he can control. His worst nightmare is having to deal with independent-minded, conservative Republicans who place their love of the nation above the power-grabbing, self-serving swamp. Mr. McConnell hated the tea party. He hates Trump. He loathes change and any threat to the party establishment. In August, Mr. McConnell’s-aligned super PAC Senate Leadership Fund (SLF) called off its advertisement reservations in the hotly contested race in Arizona. A month later Mr. McConnell canceled more than $9 million worth of ads for MAGA-endorsed Blake Masters, allowing him to be significantly outspent by incumbent Mark Kelly.” [editor’s note: McConnell quickly disposed of Scott – TLK] (11/16/22)