Democrats, the problem is you, not Jay Jacobs

Source: New York Post
by Michael Goodwin

“Some people are slow learners. With New York Republicans flipping congressional and legislative seats and coming close to winning the governor’s office, Democrats should be engaged in soul searching about how their far-left[sic] policies alienated many voters. Instead, the far-left [sic] is blaming moderates for the party’s performance. The Getting It Backwards mob already found its sacrificial culprit, demanding that Gov. Hochul fire state party boss Jay Jacobs. They complain Jacobs ‘failed to commit the time, energy and resources necessary to maintain our deep-blue status.’ Appointed by former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Jacobs has tangled with the left before and is fighting back, saying he won’t quit. Surprisingly, he has an ally in the current governor.” (11/15/22)