Elon Musk does everything with the door open

Source: Fox News
by Greg Gutfeld

“[S]peaking of rich people, let’s check in on Elon Musk, who may just be the best tweeter since Trump. It began Sunday with Musk tweeting about Twitter being super slow in other countries. That’s when a Twitter engineer called out the Musk tweet, adding, quote, ‘I have spent six years working on Twitter. I could say this is wrong.’ When someone pointed out you probably shouldn’t call out your boss publicly, he kept going. And that’s when Musk hit back, ‘He’s fired’. Well, now, if you don’t find that hilarious, then you’re not my friend and you’ve never fired anyone who really deserves it. It’s why I had a trap door installed in my office and hired a contractor who could keep a secret. But if I tweeted about how I run this show, I’d probably be arrested, possibly for murder.” (11/16/22)