California’s Vaping Flavor Ban Could Be Lethal

Source: Town Hall
by Jacob Sullum

“The campaign for Proposition 31, a ballot initiative that Californians approved by a wide margin last week, urged voters to ‘protect kids from candy-flavored tobacco.’ That slogan packed an impressive amount of dishonesty into five words. The initiative’s main target was nicotine vaping products, which do not contain tobacco and were already legally restricted to adults. Proposition 31 decrees that adults may not buy such products in flavors other than tobacco, thereby undermining the most promising harm-reducing alternative to cigarettes. Proposition 31 was a referendum on S.B. 793, a 2020 law that restricts ‘characterizing flavors’ in ‘tobacco products.’ California counterintuitively defines ‘tobacco product’ to include ‘an electronic device that delivers nicotine,’ whether or not the nicotine is derived from tobacco.” (11/16/22)