How Social Media Just Saved Democracy

Source: The Daily Beast
by Louis Anslow

“On the eve of the midterm elections, 60 Minutes broadcast a segment on China’s influence over TikTok. In it, the former Google engineer turned ‘tech-ethicist’ Tristan Harris posited that China was serving its youth wholesome ‘digital spinach’ via TikTok while giving America’s youth ‘digital opium.’ In Harris’[s] mind, Chinese communists were perpetuating what domestic capitalists had started, something his think tank, the Center for Humane Technology, insists is turning kids into depressed, stupid right-wing extremists — a narrative pushed by documentaries like The Social Dilemma. Just days later, America’s young voters — who live on social media — helped destroy Republicans’ hopes of controlling Congress, and dealt what could be a death blow to Trumpism. How can this be? We were told that social media is destroying democracy, and that it’s all its fault that Donald Trump was elected in the first place six years ago.” (11/16/22)