Is this the Time for Peace?

by Ted Snider

“Putin’s sudden announcement that he will not attend the upcoming G-20 summit in Indonesia … and the sudden simultaneous announcement that Biden will meet Russia’s strategic partner, Chinese President Xi Jinping, on the sidelines of the summit could also suggest secret backchannel discussions. Could Zelensky be agreeing to talk if he gets a victory in Kherson, and is Russia agreeing to withdraw from Kherson to get talks? Some military analysts say that Ukraine will face tougher ground and greater logistical challenges as they move further east and that Kherson is likely the last Russian held ground that Ukraine will be able to retake in the foreseeable future. Is this the moment at which the war stalls into a stalemate or Russia decides to escalate? Could the US be pushing for diplomacy at the strongest moment and at the moment before a huge Russian push comes?” (11/16/22)