The Nineties: Our last decade of freedom?

Source: spiked
by Henry Williams

“There is a telling moment in former GQ editor Dylan Jones’s insider account of the 1990s, Faster Than a Cannonball: 1995 and All That. Loaded journalist Martin Deeson has gatecrashed a Cannes Film Festival party with his photographer in tow. ‘I ordered a large scotch, two gin and tonics, two glasses of champagne and then asked Derek what he wanted,’ recalls Deeson. The two journalists then staggered around rat-arsed chatting to various A-listers before bumping into Sixties style icon Terence Stamp: ‘After looking at me for a while Stamp said, ‘I just don’t think I want to talk to you,’ and walked away.’ Stamp’s dismissive reaction speaks volumes. It shows up the Nineties as the noisier, embarrassing and somewhat envious younger brother of the Sixties.” (11/16/22)