Trump’s Running and Republicans Have Only Themselves to Blame

Source: The Atlantic
by David Frum

“The ancient Greeks told a story of a hero named Theseus, who ventured into the labyrinth to meet and defeat a terrible monster, the Minotaur. Theseus mustered his courage, grasped his weapon, fought and won. Theoretically, the hero could have waited for the monster to get bored and voluntarily retire from the monster business. But that is just an excuse for letting the monster win. Monsters don’t get bored; they don’t retire. Those who will not fight and defeat the monster suffer humiliation and destruction by the monster. That is the fate now facing a Republican elite whose only idea is to hide, shirk, and mutter. … The choices are fight or yield. Those have been the choices all along, and those are the choices again. If Republicans want a different outcome this time, then this time they’ll have to change their behavior.” (11/15/22)