Iran: Protesters Mark Bloody 2019 Uprising With Three-Day Strike

Source: Bloomberg

“Businesses, students and workers in Iran resumed anti-government strikes on Tuesday to mark the anniversary of one of the deadliest protests in the country’s history. Scores of unverified videos shared on social media purportedly showed deserted town centers and shuttered shops in various locations. The latest action comes as the current uprising against Iran’s ruling Islamic system enters its ninth week despite a violent crackdown by security forces that rights groups say has so far killed more than 320 people. … Tehran’s Grand Bazaar — seen as a traditional linchpin of support for the clerical establishment — was also closed, according to several videos and traders were shown shouting slogans in some footage. Other videos showed demonstrators gathering in various parts of Tehran and a large crowd shouting ‘death to the dictator’ in a metro station. None of the videos can be verified by Bloomberg News.” (11/15/22)