Walmart agrees to $3.1 billion bribe to exit frivolous opioid litigation

Source: CNN Business

“Walmart agreed to the framework of a $3.1 billion settlement, which resolves allegations from multiple states’ attorneys general that the company failed to regulate opioid prescriptions contributing to the nationwide opioid crisis. The settlement, according to the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James, who co-led a coalition of attorneys general in the negotiation, will also ‘include broad, court-ordered requirements Walmart must comply with, such as robust oversight to prevent fraudulent prescriptions and flag suspicious prescriptions.’ … The framework will resolve virtually all opioid lawsuits and potential lawsuits by state, local, and tribal governments against Walmart, assuming all the settlement’s conditions are satisfied.” [editor’s note: TL;DR — Doctors wrote prescriptions, Walmart pharmacists filled those prescriptions, and Walmart had big pockets to vexatiously pick – TLK] (11/15/22)