Donald Trump’s Enablers Finally Realize He’s a Loser Who Hurts the GOP

Source: The Daily Beast
by Matt Lewis

“In 2016, he lost the popular vote but became president by besting the wildly unpopular Hillary Clinton in the electoral college. In 2018, Republicans lost the midterms. In 2020, Trump lost re-election, and Republicans lost the U.S. Senate. And now, Republicans (thanks largely to Trump) have wildly underperformed in the 2022 midterms. Less appreciated is the toll Trump’s presidency took on governorships and state legislatures. Tired of all the winning yet? Somehow, despite mounting evidence to the contrary, Trump (ever the master self-promoter) has preserved his image as a ‘winner.’ Until now. For years, his cult members ignored his evil deeds, rationalizing that ‘at least he fights!’ It seems they have finally realized the difference between fighting and winning. … Unfortunately, getting rid of Trump (now that he is no longer of any use) will be as difficult as drop-kicking a crazy ex so you can pursue someone younger and hotter.” (11/15/22)