How DeSantis can take down Trump

Source: The Hill
by John Feehery

“All roads to the Republican nomination go through Trump. He is not likely to step aside to let somebody else take the reins. He seems pretty convinced that the 2020 election was unjustly stolen from him. And the polls show him to be a formidable force in the GOP primary. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) put himself on the map with a convincing win in his reelection but also put himself in Trump’s crosshairs. Sensing that DeSantis is gaining an edge with the Republican faithful, the former president branded him as Ron DeSanctimonious, a reference to an overly self-referential advertisement that implied that DeSantis was sent into electoral politics by God himself. … How can DeSantis beat the man and thus, become the man? Well, first, he has to keep the pressure on Trump, not by engaging with the billionaire’s childish antics, but by ignoring him.” (11/15/22)