What did Americans really learn on November 8?

Source: The Hill
by Harlan Ullman

“Was democracy really saved from immolation by a fiery ‘red wave’ of newly elected radical officeholders? And was former President Trump’s chokehold on his party weakened by the emergence of presidential aspirant Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.)? Or has an even broader lesson been completely missed? Could the election have been proof that American society has become shattered by the harshness and vindictiveness of its politics in which civility and consensus have been banned from the public discourse? But if that is a correct interpretation, will it be heeded or even recognized? Or is this politics as usual that simply reflects a deeply divided society grappling with many issues for which few or no good solutions exist? While arguments will be made to support each of these reactions, the real answer, as depressing as it may be, is that little to nothing of value will be absorbed.” (11/14/22)