Dear Political Reporters: Can We Please Hold Off on 2024 Presidential Predictions?

Source: The New Republic
by Walter Shapiro

“On Thursday, barely 36 hours after the last polls closed on Election Day and when control of both the Senate and the House had yet to be called, the New York Times heralded on its homepage a piece of commentary by Frank Bruni. The former Times columnist, who now teaches journalism at Duke, breathlessly handicapped the contenders for the 2024 Democratic nomination, if Joe Biden doesn’t run. Bruni was far from alone. … We are just coming off congressional elections when the media couldn’t get the storyline right 24 hours in advance. The Republican red sea that most political reporters and TV commentators had conjured up proved to a mirage in the desert of parched imaginations. Yet before all the 2022 races are even decided, the pundit parade — without a hint of humility — is eagerly handicapping what will happen at the conventions in the summer of 2024.” (11/14/22)